Valley 103.1 Community Radio

About Us

Valley 103.1 Community Radio (KAPY FM)

Valley 103.1 Community Radio is a community-based volunteer-staffed 100-watt Low Power FM (LPFM) radio station. We use the call letters KAPY. In addition, we broadcast on the internet with an audio stream. Our programming content is created by the residents of Carnation, Duvall and parts of Redmond Ridge. Our listening community lives in the beautiful lower Snoqualmie Valley in the state of Washington.

Valley 103.1 Community Radio provides a mix of live and pre-recorded music, talk, news, local culture, drama, agricultural information, educational support and specialty programming. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Therefore, Valley 103.1 Community Radio (KAPY) is managed by a board of directors. Because shows are locally produced, performed and created by our area’s volunteers, our programming reflects the interests and concerns of the local community.

Our Mission Statement

Valley 103.1 Community Radio seeks to be a trusted and enjoyable source of entertainment and information for locally produced content. That includes music, community-related news, local public affairs, and focused programming. Valley 103.1 Community Radio is a high quality and diverse community radio station broadcasting on KAPY FM and via Internet Audio Stream.

The Valley 103.1 Community Radio mission is sustained by volunteer, underwriting, in-kind sponsorship, operational and membership support.

Valley 103.1 Community Radio Core Values

Valley 103.1 Community Radio is volunteer-based and community supported, with core values of:

  • Volunteer and listener support
  • Fostering, enabling and respecting inclusion, individuality, diverse views and conversations
  • Being transparent and having uncompromising integrity in our operations
  • Operating in an environment that inspires personal fun and facilitates community.

What is Low Power FM?

Low Power FM (LPFM) stations are broadcast entities licensed by the FCC and are for non-commercial, non-profit community-based organizations. Since media corporations are concentrating broadcast power in fewer and fewer hands, we feel the future of independent radio serving local communitieslies with LPFMs, such as KAPY Valley 103.1 Community Radio.